22 Condos for Sale in West Palm Beach – Can You Handle Condominium Living?

22 Condos for Sale in West Palm Beach – Should You be A Condo Owner?
Being a resident of Palm Beach; I like to think that living here is superior. A place where vacationers never want to leave. I was one; once. The warm breezes, birds sweetly chirping and the sweet smell of summer all year round, makes for a captivating way of life. Admittedly I must additionally word that the tumultuous northern snow bearing winter did twist a few wrists. It is my opinion that yes! everyone wants to live here and that statement is backed through the tremendous amount of growth in real estate; consequently, the motive of this blog.
One of the most marvelous matters to observe in Palm Beach and similar surrounding regions is the unbelievable velocity of building production from start to completion. I’ve witnessed surrounding land plowed and leveled and with a blink of the eyes shockingly there’s an outstanding erection of a home or building dramatically close to complete. Something by no means seen before from the eyes of a former northerner. Needless to say, condos for sale in West Palm Beach are moving fast.
An example of this is West Palm Beach’s newest Condominium located at 1100 South Flagler Drive.
Here, Palm beach introduces its newest luxury waterfront condominiums. The Bristol Palm beach breeds luxury with its beauty and panoramic unobstructed views of the intracoastal and Palm Beach Island. Modern, yet dramatically elegant; The Bristol Palm Beach Condos offer 5-star resort amenities. It lavishly boasts twenty-five floors of luxury with homes ranging from three to 5 bedrooms starting from 3,700 to 9,000 square feet. Each unit also offers noise reducing laminated-insulated flooring to ceiling exterior glass along with individual finishes tailored to your own unique style. The glamorous Bristol Palm beach is impeccably like no other.
And if the fancy Bristol does not meet your budget or needs, it certainly is not the only premiere condominium. There are a host of different options for every Palm beach home seeker.
Down town West Palm Beach offers a great location full of bonuses for all ages. While the young crowd enjoys an energetic after hours, and Palm Beach Atlantic university with plenty of off campus housing options; The high walkability rating for them and retirees that don’t drive can also take advantage of a free trolley landing them at many areas of interest including Cityplace and Publix. Rumor has it that city officials are encouraging extra store openings to accommodate the growing populace.
CityPlace is magical. Reminiscent of a beautiful Mediterranean town center, it offers dining of all styles and retail shopping. It snows on an hourly basis during the Christmas season and hosts many different events weekly. CityPlace is also home for the new “culture Lab”, somewhat of an experimental artist exhibit arena, replacing the once legendary Macy’s. Other notable neighbors within CityPlace are a 20-screen Muvico Imax movie theater, the Harriet Theater, Kravis Center for the Performing Arts and Dreyfus School of the Arts. And if you cross Okeechobee midway you will find yourself at the newest and largest, modern restoration hardware store, offering a gallery of furnishings and its own gourmet top floor restaurant.
If one wanted to live within close proximity of city place, there are many condos for sale in West Palm Beach to choose from. There are fabulous options of residences for every lifestyle in CityPlace and close by.
1) The Residence at 720 Sapodilla Avenue. Smack in the middle of all the excitement, offers dog friendly action-packed apartment living.
2) Cityplace South Tower, a stunning contemporary high rise across the street from south entrance of CityPlace. CityPlace South Tower offers 13 floor plans, from 1/1 to 3/2 units and 24-hour front desk concierge service. It also boasts the most glamorous infinity pool to residences and their guest.
3)The Tower at CityPlace is also another option within the action. It offers residents two great restaurants in the downstairs area.
4) Another Other notable CityPlace dwellings is CityPlace Courtyards with its considerable number of amenities.
5) City Palms also features easy living and generous amenities.
6) Another beauty next door to CityPlace is the Montecito Palm Beach. With 16 stories and beautiful water views; the Montecito offers luxury amenities and 1 and 2-bedroom condos.
Below is a list of fabulous condos for sale in West Palm Beach within walking distance to CityPlace – Very close for comfort and convenience!
1)The Prado is located just one block east of CityPlace offering large studios, one-, one-plus-den, two- and three-bedroom condos. Some even have intracoastal views and private balconies. Amenities include a beautifully landscaped fifth-floor pool and sun terrace with outdoor cabanas, and a fully equipped fitness center and clubhouse. The Twenty-Four Hour attended lobby is just stunning and includes valet service.
2) One City Plaza. Here you will find me and my co-workers at NEXTHOME Real Estate Executives! Obviously one of my favorite buildings since my business resides here- One City Plaza is a16-story courtyard-style building close to it all – literally a five-minute walk to CityPlace and five blocks from Clematis. The condos and lofts here range in size from approximately 800 sq. feet to 2600 sq. feet. The amenities which includes a large heated rooftop pool (with breathtaking views of palm beach, the intracoastal and the ocean), are five stars! One City Plaza also offers Valet service and a 24/7 front desk security.
3) Cross the street and find Two City Plaza. Two City Plaza is a surprisingly affordable 21-story condominium with many fabulous amenities such as a rooftop resort pool with breathtaking views of the city, ocean, and Intracoastal. The rooftop theatre is also mentionable. Wo City Plaza also offers concierge services, 24-hour staffed lobby and valet parking.
4) The Whitney located in the heart of Downtown, just 1 block from CityPlace and two blocks from Clematis Street is an 8 story, 210 unit condo building The Whitney features one-bedroom condos from just under 800 sq. ft to three-bedroom condos over 2100 sq. ft and also offers penthouse units with private rooftop terraces that take advantage of the city and ocean views Beach condo buildings. The Whitney also has live/work ground floor lofts.
5) 610 Clematis is a 246 unit eight story high on the west side of Clematis Street and part of the historic downtown district, just 3 walkable blocks from CityPlace. 610 Clematis Condos is a courtyard style building notable for its beautiful large infinity pool, a “zen” garden, its pool deck grilling stations to mention a few lush amenities.
Closer to downtown and more east, you will find many more apartment buildings and condominiums; many with water views. Some of the condos for sale in West Palm Beach worth mentioning are as follows:
1) The Strand is located in Downtown on the corner of Evernia Street and Olive, one block away from Clematis Street. vibrant downtown activities. Strand sells condos that are affordable and rents units as well. It boasts a great courtyard pool deck with water views and breathtaking rooftop views!
2)The Slade – Wow, what amazing intracoastal views! The Slade offers one, two, and three-bedroom condominiums – all with panoramic water views, designed by a very famous architect. Its lobby is super and residents are offered twenty-four-hour Valet service and an attended Lobby. Other features are the heated swimming pool and outdoor spa.
3)The Trump Plaza Palm Beach is known for its most water views; both of the intracoastal and Ocean. One of the older high-rises; Trump Plaza consists of two twins 32 story towers. There are 2-5-bedroom options starting at 1900 sq. ft and up to 4000 square feet. There are also unique 2 level townhouses with large water view. Trump Plaza West amenities include doorman, game room, swimming pool, tennis courts, picnic area, patio area, fitness room and sauna.
4) The Esplanade Grande is another yet luxury condo in the center of Downtown. With 63 exclusive stunning condominiums facing the water and Palm Beach one cannot be disappointed in any direction. Condos for sale in the Esplanade Grande are between 1900 sq. ft and 3000 sq. ft
5) Another condo with amazingly close to the intracoastal views is the Trianon. Located right on Flagler Drive; each unit in the Trianon is two-bedrooms. The Trianon also delivers with its lovely amenities.
6) Want large? One Watermark Place is another great location offering up glorious views of both; the Intracoastal and the glorious Atlantic Ocean. The units in One Watermark Place have enormous terraces, setting them apart from the standard. This perhaps is why it won an award in 2002 with the builder’s association of south Florida. Units range from 4,035 to 5,650 square feet and have their own private elevators.
7) The Edge in downtown West Palm clearly is the most modern of all. It offers beautiful views of the city skyline and of Clear Lake and has a industrial appearance and feel. The Edge has a 24-hour attended lobby, and a magnificent 2300 sq. ft heated Olympic
Heading a little further away from the center of downtown are a few more impressive condos for sale in West Palm Beach.
1) Flagler Pointe, just minutes away from downtown sits upon Flagler Drive and because of this prime location the unobstructed views of both the intracoastal and Palm Beach Island are magical. Flagler Pointe offers 400 units.
2)Water View Towers also sits upon Flagler Drive and has 132 units with great water views Its location is just slightly north of the City Center.
3) Flagler Landing is yet another direct waterfront condominium community. This gated community has 70 condos and is only minutes away from downtown.
And there you have it! So many different choices to suite all different needs. But if you have never owned a condo there are several factors to consider.
Pros of Condominium Ownership
Fewer maintenance and repair responsibilities.
Access to on-site amenities, such as a sauna or swimming pool, which you otherwise might not be able to afford.
Enhanced security features in some condominium units. You’ll also have peace of mind while you’re on vacation knowing that your neighbors are close by.
Monthly maintenance or condo fees are usually predictable.
You have a say in the running of the condominium corporation. As an owner, you have voting rights and can be elected to the board of directors.
A community that may have a wide range of social, entertainment and recreational activities sometimes geared to a specific lifestyle (seniors, for example).
Cons of Condominium Ownership
You may not be able to decide when maintenance and repairs get done
You may have to pay for amenities that you might never or rarely use
Less privacy in some condominium units and possibly more noise
Possibility of special assessment charges for unexpected repairs
Like most communities, a condominium attracts individuals with a variety of personalities. It can sometimes be a challenge to reach a consensus
Less space in some condominium units
Possible restrictions on things like noise levels, parking, pets, smoking and even the style and color of things like doors and window coverings.
Evaluation Checklist: Is Condominium Ownership Right for me?
As you can see there are many condos for sale in West Palm Beach and if you answer “yes” to most of the following, then buying a condo may be a smart move for you.
For all Condominium Dwellings
I like the fact that a condominium is an “instant community” and my neighbors won’t be far away.
I want to participate in the running of the community with other condominium owners.
I don’t want the hassle of, cutting grass and other outdoor chores.
I’ll use some of the condominium’s amenities.
I understand that I will pay monthly fees for maintenance and repair of the condominium and will budget accordingly.
I know there may be restrictions on the number of occupants in my unit, pets, noise, parking, etc.
I’ll read through the condominium’s documents before I buy so there’ll be no surprises.
I understand that a board of directors can make decisions on my behalf.
Also, for Condominium Apartment Units
I’m an empty nester or single and would be satisfied with the space provided in a condominium apartment.
I’m reassured by the building’s security measures, such as entry buzzers and video surveillance cameras.
Owning a Condominium
Popularly referred to as a group of housing units where each homeowner has his or her individual unit space but shares ownership of common use areas, a condominium is becoming increasingly prominent amongst people of diverse classes. In simple words, a condominium, condo for short, refers primarily to an apartment that you own. Condominiums is now a top choice for individuals seeking to get a home, due to the enormous advantages it offers. For instance, with a condo, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of your exterior, plus, you get free access to several amenities, like a pool and an excellent fitness center. In addition to this, owning a condominium is a great option for prospective homeowners interested in a safe, low-maintenance and affordable living options with access to good amenities.
In this post, we have highlighted the pros and cons associated with getting a condominium for yourself. Find them below:
Pros of Owning a Condominium
Here are the top reasons why you should get yourself a condominium:
Buying condos for sale in west palm beach equals an investment. There are so much investment potentials in a condo because nowadays, many individuals are into the buying and selling of the housing unit. As the owner, you enjoy complete control of your property; you can make any adjustments to your space without seeking permission from neighbors. From furniture to appliances, these improvements, when made, can increase the value of your property.
Reduced Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities
Maintenance and repair remain top worries for all homeowners. However, with a condominium, other people do the maintenance and repair for you. The grass is cut, and the grounds maintained, roof fixed and on the ground are plenty of workers to help you with other maintenance and repair issues. If you are the type that has little or no interest in dealing with all that dirty work, then you have your first reason to buy a condominium. Even when you have to pay for these fixes, the monthly bills are usually predictable, and you do not have to break the bank to settle them.
Another great benefit offered by condominiums are amenities. In most condos today, you can access on-site facilities like sauna, swimming pool or a fitness center, which you otherwise might not be able to afford without a condominium setting or as an average homeowner.
Right to Decision Making
As a condominium owner, you get to have a say in the management of the condominium corporation. From voting rights to eligibility for voting to the board of directors, being a condominium owner makes you a stakeholder in the condominium association. Being a vital part of something big is a good feeling, right?
Safety and Security
Condominium associations take it upon themselves to provide a doorkeeper or private security to all condominiums under them. In addition to security, being in proximity to neighbors offers peace of mind.
Condominiums are usually cheaper than single-family homes, especially when the location is considered. Most condos are found in desirable neighborhoods, resorts or city centers, which makes them affordable options for homebuyers who are just venturing into the real estate scene and who do not want to settle for anything lesser than their ideal location. For instance, there are state-of-the-art condos available for sale in West Palm Beach – one of Florida’s most dynamic cities.
Cons of Owning a Condominium
If you are interested in freedom from regulations and rules, an appreciating asset as well as low extra monthly expenses and great privacy, then condo ownership may not be the best option for you. Here are the top cons associated with owning a condominium:
Living by the Rule
Being a condominium owner means you have to abide by the rules of the management, i.e., the Condominium Association/Corporation. For instance, it is not in your power to decide when and how you want maintenance and repairs get done. You may also have to ask the association for permission to make significant modifications or installations, like installing green energy technology like a solar panel on the roof in a bid to save energy at your home. Or you might not be allowed to have your favorite pets around; ban on smoking or a fixed color and style for things like doors and window coverings. In cases where the decision doesn’t go in your favor, there is hardly anything you can do about it. For individuals who like total freedom, living in a condominium, with the rules, might be quite stifling.
From high Homeowners Association fees to payment for amenities that you might never or rarely use, Condominium ownership comes with significant expenses. As you would expect, the pool, gym, security systems and maintenance all cost money, and all these monies are paid by you. As a condominium owner, you are automatically a business partner in that community. While Condominium Association fees vary depending on the location, size, and quality of the community, you still get to spend a considerably significant of money on expenses. Simply put, it is not cheap.
Most condos for sale in west palm beach bring together individuals with a wide range of personalities and from different backgrounds. In such a pool of diversities, reaching a consensus is most times a challenge. Hence, more time is spent on decision making, and at the end, not everyone’s view gets to be heard or
Lack of Privacy
Yes, a condominium is essentially like an apartment that you own, but you still experience all the real-life situations of apartment living as well. You will have neighbors on the other side of your wall, with movements through the hall at all times of the day and even night. In situations like this, you might get little or no quietness or silence around you though you are not contributing to the unsettledness. So if you are a lover of heavenly peace and calm, then a condominium might not be just right for you.
If I Find Condos For Sale In West Palm Beach, How do I know if a Condominium is right for me?
To help you decide whether owning a condominium is right for you, try to answer the following questions.
Do I like the idea of a condominium being an instant community with my neighbors always around?
Am I interested in actively contributing to the running and management of the community, alongside fellow condominium owners?
Do I dislike the idea of undertaking maintenance and other outdoor chores?
Do I look forward to using the nice amenities present in condominiums?
Am I unbothered about the condominium maintenance and repair charges?
Can I live with the unending restrictions on my living, like pets, parking, color schemes and styles among others?
I’ll ensure I go through the documents of purchase before proceeding to avoid surprises.
I trust the board of directors of my condominium to make the right decisions in my stead.
If your answers to most of these questions are in the affirmative, then buying a condo might be a right decision for you. Check out the best modern condos for Sale in West Palm Beach. The condominiums, present in different sizes and layouts are currently available and are made for your maximum enjoyment at one of the most dynamic Florida cities – the West Palm Beach.
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